Wealth Creation

If we could promise you more wealth, would you be interested? 

What if we created you a tax-free retirement plan and ensured generational wealth for your family?

Our Wealth Creation and Estate Preservation Strategies allow you to accomplish all of these things.

  • We invest the capital generated by our tax minimization and tax-efficient structures towards strategic solutions to your needs to develop you a tax-efficient wealth management plan.

Whether you need as much retirement income as possible, have wealth accumulation issues or estate preservation concerns we will customize a solution to meet your specific needs.

We allow you to have peace of mind, knowing that your livelihood in retirement and your family legacy can be financially secure.

A Wealth Creation Case Study


A 70-year-old Client, with one million dollars to spend, approached us with a significant problem: he was losing money on his mutual funds. As a result, he was worried about his financial livelihood. Most investment managers deliver a rate of return around 3%. This would produce $20,000 after taxes on a one million dollar investment. At such a rate, this gentleman would be living at the low end of the financial spectrum.

YourWealthCare Solution

We advised our client to buy annuity- an extremely effective way to regenerate capital.

Following our advice, he used his one million dollars to buy an insurance policy that we hand picked for him. In exchange, the insurance company began paying him an income every year.


Today, our Client receives an annual tax-free payment of $50-60,000. Even better, he now has an insurance policy that will, upon his passing, return the one million dollars to his family.

Our strategies changed this gentleman's world. They secured his financial livelihood. They secured his peace of mind.

Would you like to reduce the tax you pay?

Better yet, would you like the financial freedom to invest in your children's future, your retirement, as well as the luxuries of wealth? Of course you would.

Our tax minimization strategies will reduce your tax burden, saving you a substantial amount of money. As a result, you can let the cost savings grow in our unique, tax-efficient investments, bringing you closer to your financial goals, both near and long-term. 


An owner of a company, with $2 million of income, approached us with substantial tax burden issues. Having drawn more than $150,000 over a ten year period, he faced the highest level of taxation in Ontario at 46.4%.

We customized a proactive solution to reduce his tax burden and help him build his wealth more effectively, both near and long-term. First, we recommended an “Individual Pension Plan” for his company. He followed our advice and benefited immediately. In accordance with its regulations, his company was allowed to make a tax-deductible deposit worth $250,000 into the plan as compensation for his years of service. Representing yet another benefit, his company could begin making contributions to the plan significantly larger than what could be deposited in their RRSP. Second, we implemented an insurance structure allowing our Client to make ongoing deductions against income, providing him with annual tax relief. Over time, these tax-savings can be put towards a tax-free Retirement Plan.