Retirement Facts

Canadians living longer is a fact of life.

Compared to previous generations, both male and female Canadians are living longer, healthier lives. Your retirement income needs to last as long as you do!

63% of couples over 65, in good health, will see at least one partner living till their 90th year.

We have found that most Canadians start putting serious thought into retirement when they reach around the age of 45. Having the right plan in place can seem overwhelming, even to those who have accumulated significant capital and investments throughout your life.
If you have reached the age of 45 or older, there are some basic questions that you may be asking yourself.

1) When do I want to retire?
2) How will my family be taken care of long-term?
3) How much money will I need, and for what?
4) Where will it come from?

When people retire is very individualistic. Will you work after retirement? Many top-earners find themselves after age 65 in consulting roles, or being sought after for their experience and accumulated business acumen. But after a life of hard work, you may want to continue doing only what gives you the most enjoyment – both financially and socially.

Your investments, and your retirement planning need to take into account estate planning. Do they?

How much will you need? If you sit down and look at the lifestyle choices you enjoy now, you are for the most part looking at the same things you will want to continue doing in retirement! So it is your lifestyle that determines how much money you will need.

Do you like to travel? Are you debt-free? How much will be needed to maintain all of your hobbies, your properties, deal effectively with emergencies?

At WealthCare Retirement Solutions we have the essential resources, financial expertise, and network of professionals to implement sophisticated retirement planning strategies for you. More importantly, we believe it is vital to understand a client’s needs and concerns before making any recommendations. We enjoy strategic relationships with your accountants, lawyers and other financial planners to consistently ensure YOU are the focus. Only after we conduct a thorough analysis of your financial situation, will we develop a customized plan.

To this end we have a long track record of success, servicing hundreds of highly successful members of society, and we have the testimonials to prove it. The success of our clients is what motivates us to deliver the most progressive solutions in the wealth care field