By providing your information on this website you are authorizing that YourWealthCare Ltd., as your agent may collect, use or disclose your personal information that you have provided to our staff for the Identified Purposes listed below. To achieve the Identified Purposes listed below, personal information may be shared with our staff and third parties such as Insurers, mutual fund issuers and dealers, financial institutions, and government or industry agencies. If you are providing personal Information about another Individual, such as a family member, or in the case of a commercial client, Information about an employee, agent, or representative, then you confirm that you have obtained authorization from them to consent to the above on their behalf.  YourWealthCare Ltd., may collect, use and disclose your personal information to:

  1. verify your identity;
  2. determine your eligibility for products and services, and for products that may be of interest to you from business partners with whom YourWealthCare Ltd., have formed an association, and offering to you these products and services;
  3. analyze the suitability of products or services for you;
  4. provide you with financial planning services:
  5. offer renewal coverage for your existing insurance policy;
  1. provide you with ongoing services, establish and maintain communications, and to respond to your inquiries;
  2. determine prices, fees and premiums;
  3. investigate and settle claims;
  4. compile statistics, conduct market research
  5. and report to regulatory and industry agencies;
  6. comply with the law and regulatory requirements.

Personal information may be collected, used or disclosed for any of these "Identified Purposes" set out above. In addition, you expressly authorize that YourWealthCare Ltd., use the personal Information described above for the additional Identified Purpose of determining your eligibility for and offering to you other Insurance or financial products by YourWealthCare Ltd., or other third parties:

  1. Life insurance, other insurance or financial products
  2. Segregated or mutual funds which may be of interest to you from us
  3. Alternative yield Investment products or other entities with which we have strategic alliances.

What we will NOT do with your information

  1. We do not sell client information to anyone
  2. We do not share client information with organizations outside of our relationship with you that would use it to contact you about their own products and services.

We strive to protect your personal information

All employees, associated advisors and suppliers, who are granted access to client records, understand the need to keep this information protected and confidential. They know they are to use the information only for the purposes intended. This expectation is clearly communicated. We have also established physical and systems safeguards, along with proper processes, to protect client information from unauthorized access or use.